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Cashflow is the lifeblood of any business – reducing your gas and electricity bills is a sure-fire way of shoring up your cashflow. BizHero is your hero connecting you with some of the best gas, electricity, solar plans in your area. Call for your BizHero right now! It’s easy to use and best of all, it’s FREE.

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Gas bills mount up during winter – especially if you have a warehouse or factory to heat and run – so get BizHero on the case to find a new gas plan with more competitive rates. We make it easy to compare, switch, and save on gas.


Electricity is likely the biggest overhead in your business – so why pay more for the same service? Get BizHero to save you from high rates and tariffs. Electricity prices climb higher and higher so avoid the price hikes and make a free and easy comparison – you’ll be surprised how much you can save.


Don’t just save money, make money! Solar technology is a cash-flow neutral way to power your business which not only pays for itself over time but can also feed-in back to the grid which your business gets paid for! Don’t wait – solar subsidies are dwindling year on year. Unlock another income stream with a solar investment today!

BizHero Gives Your Business Free, Easy, and Real Dollar Energy Comparisons

Off peak rates, three-tier rates, on-time discount, paperless discount, service charge discount; how much does it all cost in dollars and cents? BizHero gives you information all businesses use – how much money will I save? Unlike other comparison engines, we compare plans in real dollar amounts.

What you see is what you can expect to pay. Don’t trust the villains trying to confuse you, stick with BizHero: comparing plans and saving your business money on gas, electricity, and solar!

Meet Our Satisfied Business Heroes

I pitched solar to my boss and she always thought it was too expensive. But I took my laptop into her office and put in our business postcode and she was amazed at how much our business could save.

Jane S., Croydon

Gas and electricity is the same so why pay more! Save your business money and get BizHero on the job!

Logan P., Fortitude Valley

BizHero saved us $XXX on our gas and electricity last quarter. It was so easy. I did it on my lunchbreak. Thank you BizHero.

John K., Illawarra

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