Do you skip a beat at the sight of an electricity bill? You are not alone. An increase in energy consumption and resultant costs is a pressing concern among business owners all over Australia. Naturally, this means too much pressure on natural resources and a serious need for renewable power alternatives. Intelligent energy consumption can help businesses reduce their total electricity usage, emissions and overall environmental pollution.

  1. Compare and Choose Your Provider

With more than 20 electricity network businesses to choose from, business owners are spoilt for choice. While some providers boast of the most competitive pricing, there are others that offer more desirable plans, and then there are others that operate in certain geographies only. Clearly, there is no one best energy provider in Australia. Businesses need to pit each one against the other to find the best fit for themselves.

2. Regulate The Use of Thermostat at Work

Thermostats are installed to regulate the temperature at the workplace during both winter and summer seasons. Since most commercial spaces are equipped with central heating and cooling systems, installing a thermostat is necessary. However, most businesses make wrong use of the thermostat, which further increases the energy bills. The right way to use the thermostat smartly for reducing energy consumption is: 

  • During winters, the thermostat’s temperature must be set between 18°C to 20°C, while in the summers, the temperature must be either 26°C or above for reducing energy consumption. 
  • All the windows and doors must be closed since that will insulate the interiors, thereby preventing heat energy exchange between the outside and the interiors. 
  • If the walls are made from glass or windows are transparent and wide, businesses must use blinds and curtains to block the sun rays and insulate the interiors further. 

3. Fewer Lights

Next, businesses can reduce energy usage by using the lights smartly. Several ways have been already approved and implemented in many commercial spaces in top cities where lights are used more energy-efficiently. For example, you can install pressure sensors connected to the floors and the light circuits. This way, once the floor detects minimal pressure below the threshold for a certain time period, the lights in that area will automatically shut off. 

Similarly, using energy-efficient LEDs will also reduce the overall monthly bills. Install LDR lights for the outdoors as their brightness and illumination intensity will depend on the sunlight in the atmosphere. After dusk, these lights automatically glow brighter, while once they detect the sunlight, the light intensity becomes less. 

4. Embrace Energy Efficiency

Another important way to save bills smartly and use the energy efficiently is by implementing low-energy consumption technologies and equipment. Legacy technologies consume more power which is why your electric bills are always more than your budget. Replace them immediately and install new and more efficient technologies. Also, make sure to install proper circuitry so that no current is lost from the wires, increasing your overall energy consumption. 

5. Track Your Energy Consumption

Several energy providers install their own digital meters with which one can track the everyday energy consumptions within a commercial premise. Installing such apps and meters, integrating with energy consumption on-premises allows business owners to supervise which area consumes more energy and investigate the reason for the same. They also highlight any electric energy wastage in the building premises. These digital trackers have proven to be very efficient for implementing the concept of intelligent energy consumption. 

How to Compare the Costs of Different Energy Providers in Australia? 

Before choosing the best energy provider in Australia, it will be best to compare their tariffs and understand how they charge the businesses. Usually, there are two different types of energy tariffs that are legal in Australia: 

  1. Flat tariff where you will be charged a specific amount irrespective of the energy units consumed each day. 
  2. The cumulative tariff means that the charges per unit will vary according to the energy consumed during different periods in a day. 

Based on which particular tariff system is suitable for your business, you need to choose the energy provider. Also, use a cost comparator or a calculator to check the energy providers offering intelligent consumption services at an affordable and standard rate. 

Bizzhero provides custom energy cost consumption comparisons to help businesses optimize their energy spending. Their easy to use search engine considers the unique needs of the business and its area of operations to share the energy provider options available to them.


Worsening environmental conditions, depleting natural reserves, and increasing prices are driving several businesses to focus on implementing sustainable and intelligent energy systems. This is helping them not only to increase productivity and business efficiency but also reduce the overall expenses on the monthly bills. Suppose you want your business to thrive without having to spend huge sums on electric energy every day. In that case, you should follow the ways we have described here for establishing a smart and intelligent energy system within the commercial premise.